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Martini Guide

Welcome to the Martini Guide, your online source to everything Martini.

The Martini has been around for over one hundred years, satisfying and tantalizing the taste buds of many a connoisseur. Records of early Martini preperations have been found as far back as the 1860s however; the origins of the Martini are still unknown to this day.

The mystery surrounding the origin of the Martini as well as the many interesting combinations to create the many forms of this drink all contribute to the wonder and glory. Be sure to check out our huge growing collection of Martini Recipes and don't miss our information on Martini Glasses to enjoy your Martini in style.

At Martini Guide, we are serious about the Martini and will help you find the perfect Martini recipe! Everything you want to know about Martinis is somewhere on the web, we've created this site to aid you with your search!

Art of Martini

Learn about the martini, history of the martini and how to make a martini in the art of martini section.

Read the Art of Martini

Martini Equipment

Learn about martini equipment and find everything you need to make martinis and mixed drinks in your own home. Includes our section on Martini Glasses.

Read more about Martini Equipment

Martini Recipes

Martini guide's collection of martini recipes. Recipes for martinis.

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Martini Ingredients & Garnishes

Learn about martini ingredients, martini garnishes, and more.

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Martini Gifts

Our newest section. Learn about different Martini Gifts and Collectibles. Work in Progress!

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Martini Resources

Find other martini resources on the web in our martini resources section.

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Looking for martini equipment, such as martini glasses and shakers? Amazon is a great source for cool martini equipment. Check out the martini glasses below!

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