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Cocktail Olive

Cocktails are known to taste very good, but that shouldn't be your ultimate goal, your ultimate goal should also be on the aesthetic appearance of your cocktail. It is a distinguished fact that your eyes drink your cocktail with you. Thus, it is upon you to give your creativity and imagination free sovereignty when it comes to garnishing. Most cocktail recipes today need to be garnished. A garnish is simply an added type of food, such as an olive used to embellish or decorate a cocktail or drink.

Most bartenders today prefer using cocktail olives for garnishing over other garnishes such as cocktail onion and lemon twist. The main benefit being that it adds salt to your cocktail drink. This is because olive used in cocktails is normally preserved in sea water (brine). A cocktail olive is known to magically convert a simple cocktail drink into a whole new delightful drink.

As a rule of thumb, it is always wise, (and you will be doing your drink a lot of justice) if you used garnishing ingredients that are appropriate for your drink in terms of both color and taste. Keep in mind that the main aim of the garnish is to decorate your drink and not to overload, adulterate or push the whole drink into the backdrop.

While using cocktail olives, it is always advisable to rinse them off thoroughly using water before putting them in your cocktail. This is simply because of the fact that due to their mode of preservation; they may contain too much olive juice which is oily in nature. Excessive olive oil is known to pollute your cocktails. Equally important, it is always advisable to use fresh olives over those which have stayed for long as they may also pollute and spoil your drink.

There are various types of cocktail olive, coming from all over the world. Cocktail olives are easily and readily available online or at your local stores and are fairly priced. Cocktail olives from Spain for instance have special Spanish Olives mixed well in Pimento and conserved in Vermouth. These cocktail olives thus make a perfect garnish for a variety of cocktails, particularly since there would be no extra vermouth required.

Martini is the most common cocktail beverage today. A popular martini recipe garnished with a cocktail olive is the Dirty Martini recipe. This recipe is a variation of the conventional martini. It got its name because of the olive brine used as it adds the flavor of olive rather than the characteristic martini tinge. A point to keep in mind while doing the dirty martini recipe, and any other recipe using a cocktail olive, is that you should be sparing enough not to overdo the olive as you may end up ruining your entire drink.

To date, all bartenders and mixologists agree that cocktail olives normally top the list of cocktail garnishes. Cocktails typically have either stuffed olives, regular or a variety of variations of olive garnishes such as garlic, cheese, pepper, anchovies and pimento among many others.

Cocktail Olive

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