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Dirty Martini Dancer

Taking your love for the dirty martini to new heights is now but intent away. If you are passionate about the cocktail, you should know that you do much more than sip on one at the bar counter. The dirty martini, as you may already know, gets dirty primarily due to the olive brine added to the drink instead of just the olive as garnish, like in other martini variations. So what exactly is a dirty martini dancer? Well, it really is not 'what' but 'who'! Today, the world over the dirty martini fever has resulted in apparel flaunting the cocktail and the variants being embossed on shoes, books and even furniture bands.

A dirty martini dancer is one who adds that 'twist' just like a regular martini does when the olive brine goes in. such a dancer is one who is as passionate about the drink as he or she is about the cocktail. Believe it or not around the globe, in many cultures, the dancers are paid to perform at martini parties and bars. Any regular dance routine can be given a special addition or variation of another popular dance form that raises eyebrows just like the dirty martini does!

The dirty martini dancer adds a lot of life to a party and when they perform in groups, with all the martini accessories adorning their bodies and a bold olive shimmering against the brine in the sleek cocktail glass, the result is mesmerizing. This is one aspect of the dancing and the passion for the martini fusing that ahs feet tapping as the taste buds get acetified. To get a clearer picture all you have to do is get online and view some of the dedicated martini talent on show! Take your martini to the dance floor, dirty or otherwise!

Dirty Martini Dancer

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