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Glass Martini Pitcher

Martini is one of the world's favorite drinks. No matter where you go in the world, you are sure to find a martini to your liking. Martinis are so omnipresent in bars around the world, that the common standard of a judging a bartender's skill is the martinis he is able to mix. And just like martini has evolved to ensure that every taste and preference is catered to, so has martini barware. From martini glasses to pitchers, there is a huge variety available for the discerning martini lover.

Even though martini pitchers are now available in different materials including metals, nothing can be considered as elegant as the classic glass martini pitcher. The sophistication that a glass martini pitcher can provide is unparalleled by any other.

You have a rather wide variety of choice when it comes to choosing a glass martini pitcher. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Bubble Glass Martini Pitcher

The bubble glass martini pitcher is very funky. Through the surface of the glass, you can see millions of miniscule bubbles within the glass. They provide a great backdrop for the colorful cocktail and when the bubble glass martini pitcher is filled, it provides quite a visual treat.

Swirled Glass Martini Pitcher

If you are looking for an exotic glass martini pitcher, your search ends here. The swirled glass martini pitcher is made of glass that has a cloud-like effect which swirls around and around. A rather sophisticated smoky look is created under the surface of the glass. You can get these swirled glass martini pitchers in non standard colors like turquoise and orange.

Spiral Glass Martini Pitcher

If you are looking buying a glass martini pitcher which is a combination of both classic elegance and modernistic charm, the spiral glass martini pitcher is the right choice for you. A spiral glass martini pitcher will enhance the attraction of any bar, no matter what its theme is.

Granite Glass Martini Pitcher

The innovative use of granite gives a very interesting finish to the glass martini pitcher. The glass martini pitcher looks like it has been made out of smoky marble. The best advantage of such a glass martini pitcher is that it will look perfectly in place whether you are having a casual evening of fun or a formal do.

Etched Glass Martini Pitcher

If you want to add an extra dollop of elegance to your barware, get an etched glass martini pitcher. Choose between the precisely hand engraved variety or the funky sand blasted variety. Get monograms, initials, dates, logos and even lines of interesting text on your glass martini pitcher and wow all your guests.

Custom Glass Martini Pitcher

And, if you are not satisfied with the choices you have, you can have a custom designed glass martini pitcher for your bar. Get a glass with an engraved plate of metal around its neck or get a uniquely shaped glass martini pitcher designed just for you.

Glass Martini Pitcher

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