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Glass Martini Shaker

Martini is one of the most beloved cocktail across the world. It is one of the oldest cocktail in the world- it has been around for over a century. It is also one of the most versatile drinks in the history of alcohol- it has thousands of different mixes, blends, flavors, etc. As you can imagine, no bar can be considered complete without the accessories required to make martini.

There are many essentials of a martini bar. You need martini glasses, martini shaker, a strainer and a stirrer. While many people like their martinis stirred, and not shaken, some of the best martini recipes require vigorous shaking to ensure that all the ingredients are properly mixed. This makes the martini shaker one of the most important essentials of the martini bar.

There are many types of martini shakers available. Most are made with materials that are easy to maintain as well as clean. Also, the use of metal is common in the making of martini shakers. But, the most sophisticated martini shakers are those that are made of glass. No doubt, they need more upkeep than metal martini shakers, but no other shaker can provide the sophistication and class exuded by the glass martini shaker.

Mainly there are two types of martini shakers available. One is the traditional type, whereas the other is the Boston martini shaker. The main difference between the two is the presence of a strainer. The traditional glass martini shaker has a built in strainer, whereas you will need to get a Hawthorne strainer along with your Boston Glass Shaker.

Here are some of the most popular Glass Martini shakers available in the market:

Rosle Boston Shaker

If you are looking for a glass martini shaker that is well built and will last for years, the Rosle boston Shaker is the perfect choice. The Rosle Boston Glass Shaker consists of a large mixing glass. This mixing glass has a scale for measuring in both centiliters and ounces. It is designed out of a thick glass that will be able to handle muddling and stirring without you having to worry about any kind of without cracking or scratching. The beaker of the Rosle Boston Shaker is made of stainless steel. The glass and the stainless steel pieces fit together so snugly that you will not spill a single drop while shaking.

WMF Boston Shaker

If you are looking for a glass Martini Shaker that exudes style and class, go for the WMF Boston Shaker. The sleek design of the WMF Boston Shaker makes it a style statement that will be the pride of every bartender. But, this shaker is not just about its highly stylized looks, you can be sure that this glass martini shaker will stand the test of time. Like the Rosle Boston Shaker, the WMF Boston Shaker also comes with a glass mixing glass and a stainless steel beaker which has a delicate, handsome curve. The mixing glass comes with a scale for measuring.

Glass Martini Shaker

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