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Ingredients Martini

A variety of martini variants have evolved from the classic martini. Although a mix of gin and dry vermouth is yet the preferred combination among martini enthusiasts, a variety of other ingredients martini lovers have accepted is staggering. Today, rum, vodka, wine, Irish cream, whiskey, fruit juices and a lot of other interesting ingredients go into making a martini. Unlike the traditional martini that appeals to specific taste buds, the variety of martini recipes today are made keeping preferences in mind. Although most martini purists find it unacceptable to experiment with a variety of ingredients, only a few realize that it's not an attempt to ruin the legacy of a martini but rather a medium to introduce people to the legendary taste.

These days you can walk into a bar and ask a bartender to make you a martini that suits your taste. The ingredients martini drinkers prefer depends on an individual's personal taste. While some may yet prefer a martini the traditional way, others may opt for fancy variants with lots of flavor. Using fresh fruit juice as an ingredient is becoming increasingly popular. Blending the right amount of fruit juice along with the other ingredients is extremely important. Although a large number of fruity martini cocktails are known to be popular with women, bartenders reveal that men too have taken an instant liking to the fruity flavors of this drink.

The proportion of ingredients martini drinkers prefer depends again on personal taste. If you want a formidable amount of sting in your martini the measure of alcoholic content in your martini has got to be high. If you're more at home with mild flavors, the balance of alcohol and other contents used have got to be perfect. New ingredients martini drinkers have taken a liking to are fruit juices. A variety of fresh fruit juices have added a new tangy flavor that was formerly not associated with a martini.

Ingredients Martini

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