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Lemon Twist

Lemon twists are usually used as garnishes, to garnish dry vodka martinis, or an accompanying espresso. Lemon twists can also be used to garnish a majority of other drinks. Garnishing, in this case is enhancing the flavor and the aesthetic value of a drink in question. Although most people always try to take a piece of lemon and twist it directly on the drink, for best results, it requires a step by step gradual process.

How to make a lemon twist

1. The first step is to assemble all the items that you would need, in this case, a knife, a spoon, a chopping board, gloves, toothpick and of course the lemons themselves.
2. Despite the fact that lemons are known to be natural exfoliants, it is always advisable to wear gloves, simply because the lemon citrus can become harsh on your hands, and of course, it helps maintain a good hygiene for the drink. Next you would need to set up a clean space for making the twists.
3. Place the lemons on the chopping board cut or chop the ends.
4. Next, do not peel the lemon neither should you cut the lemon into half; instead, cut it laterally on one side, from one end to another.
5. The next step is to take your clean spoon and poke out the fruity pulp of the lemon, leaving only the peel. Press the spoon firmly but gently between the peel and the pulp with one hand, while your other hand gradually twirls the fruit. Be gentle enough, you would want to get down to the peel without puncturing the pulp.
6. Take your toothpick and prick the peel to secure it after rolling it tightly to form a tube shape.
7. Take the lemon roll and slice it into either 5 or 6, 1/4 inch strips, whose size will be determined by the actual size of the lemon.
8. When your drink is ready for serving, be sure to re-check whether the strips are intact by re-twisting them again. Take the rind and run it around the rim of your glass. This will help flavor the drink as well as garnish it.

Note that while poking out the fruity pulp to remain with the lemon peel, the peel will end up slightly twisted. For best results, before pricking with the toothpick, you might want to do some bit of manual fine-tuning, in order to get an ideal lemon twist.

A very simple lemon twist recipe is that made of dry vermouth and vodka. Simply mix the Vermouth and vodka, preferably in a martini mixing glass, and then shake thoroughly with cracked ice in a martini cocktail shaker. Use your martini strainer to strain the concoction into a cocktail glass, so that no ice cube debris will find their way into your drink. Take your lemon twist and garnish the drink with it, and finally serve.

Important to also note is that in addition to artistically and craftily laying the lemon twist on the rim of the glass, you can also drop it inside the drink.

Lemon Twist

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