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Martini is the best! The simple cocktail comprising gin and vermouth and flaunting Mediterranean olives has made a huge impact on cultures beyond geographical confines. Garnished with an olive, this popular mixed alcoholic beverage has been compared to everything from a sonnet, to a personification of quietude and even a connoisseur in a glass! A topper in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, every bartender's bible, the cocktail is also among the first any bartender learns. A martini stands out from other cocktails due to the versatility of the gin and vermouth to take on any additive!

All it takes to stir up a Bond heirloom is ice cubes, gin, vermouth and olives! Once you pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and strain into the martini crystal stemmed glass, the drink is ready! Most of the variations of this drink are served chilled. In fact martini glasses are always kept in the refrigerator for at least half an hour prior to service. When served 'straight up', the drink goes without ice and when the brine of the olive is also added to cloud the drink, it takes on a 'dirty' avatar.

Depending on the preference of additives, everything from watermelon to other spirits can be mixed to make a unique blend. The two most popular phrases when ordering a martini, and gain thanks to James Bond, is either 'ingredients shaken' or 'concoction stirred'. A green olive a sprig of mint, a twist of lemon and sometimes even cracker crumbs are sued to garnish this fantabulous drink. There are many variations of the drink, but the vodka or gin preference as base spirits remains unanimous. The drink is always a part of the bar counter dismally and is now available in neon. With the help of a martini wiki it is possible to share your martini experiences and expertise with others.


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