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Martini and Rossi

When you mention the name Martini and Rossi, the first thing that comes to your mind is vermouth and sparkling wines. When you sip a sparkling wine it's got to have a subtle flavor of sweetness and tangy bitterness that tickles your palate, and that's exactly how you feel when you have sparkling wines by this brand. The nostalgia of having a sparkling wine by this brand is a feeling one can't comprehend. What makes it extremely popular the world over is its striking balance of flavors. While most alcohol aficionados dismiss sparkling wines as a sweet fruity flavored liquid devoid of substance and charm, a sip of bubbly liquid by this brand will change your opinion.

The moment a sparkling wine by Martini and Rossi touches your palate you know you'll be a captive to the succulent flavor for life. The immense warmth and the fine measure of sweetness, tanginess and bitterness overwhelm you with every sip. When you consume most sparkling wines you feel a collision of flavors on your palate, not when it's a Martini and Rossi. The flavors of sparkling wine by this brand can be felt distinctly. Each sip reveals the magnificence of this sparkling wine. A bottle of this brand gives romanticism new meaning.

A wedding, a anniversary, a party, a christening, thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, whatever the occasion if its sparkling wines and vermouth it's got to be Martini and Rossi. The sparkling wines associated with this brand are known for their delicate flavors made from the finest 'Moscato Bianco' grapes coming from Asti, Italy. The intricate fermentation process ensures that these wines have less acidic and alcoholic in content and have a rich, fruity, and aromatic flavor. You can have these wines at any time but they go exceptionally well with desserts, especially cakes, ice-creams, puddings and pies.

Martini and Rossi

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