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Martini Asti Spumante

When you refer to Martini asti spumante one can't help but remember the lingering taste of the finest grapes from the Italian region of Asti. Although there may be many brands of sparkling wines you've tried out, only a select few can remain etched in your minds forever, and one among these has got to be Martini and Rossi. The grapes used for making exceptional quality sparkling wines come from Piedmont, Italy. The name 'asti' comes from the small town of Asti, in Piedmont, from which these grapes are sourced. The complex filtration and fermentation process and the 'Moscato Bianco' grapes used are what give Martini asti spumante its distinct flavor. The alcoholic content being low, this drink is loved by all.

Unlike other alcoholic drinks that tend to make you drowsy or tipsy, the mild alcoholic content in martini asti spumante goes down smoothly. The fruity aromatic content of the sparkling wine is less acidic compared to other drinks. Although nothing can compare to vintage champagne, a lot of occasions are witnessing the presence of new sparkling wines. A large number of individuals that do not prefer wine, or are not used to drinking wine like the unique taste this sparkling wine. The tiny little bubbles that surface at the top when you pour it in a glass is a joyful experience.

The aromatic content in martini asti spumante teases your nostrils as you take a sip. The natural well defined sweetness through the filtration and fermentation process is beautifully preserved. Every sip of this sparkling wine is pure thrill. Although a sparkling wine is a great accompaniment with desserts, it also goes exceedingly well before meals as an appetizer. The variety of grape used that goes into making the sparkling wine or champagne gives the character and aroma to the drink. A number of white grape varietals are used to make the finest sparkling wines and champagnes.

Martini Asti Spumante

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