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Martini Asti

Treating your guests to fine martini asti is a great way of making an occasion memorable. Intrinsic filtration and fermentation process ensures that the proportion of natural sweetness and fruity aroma is retained beautifully. The taste of fine Moscato grapes from the small town of Asti in Italy is testimonial evidence of the fact that a sparkling wine or champagne has a characteristic taste, specific to the region in which it is grown. It is a known fact that the grapes from Asti are used to make some of the finest sparkling champagnes and wines in the world, its no wonder that some of the finest sparkling wines come from Italy.

The taste of martini asti is refreshing and leaves a tangy and tickly sensation that is reminiscent to no other alcoholic drink. A relatively low presence of alcohol content in this drink ensures that it can be consumed in large quantities. Individuals that don't drink regularly love to sip on sparkling wine. Consumption trends of sparkling wines seem to be changing drastically. There was a time when martini asti used to be had as an accompaniment with desserts, and although individuals yet prefer to have it with a cake or ice-cream, emerging trends reveal it's a drink that is being consumed without taking customs into consideration.

Imaginative bartenders churn out their poetic skills at mixing drinks by using martini asti as an ingredient in mild cocktails. Bartenders add gin, vodka, dry vermouth, or fruit juices in various proportions to sparkling wines to blend some exotic cocktails. Experiment with blending flavors in a sparkling wine only if you are experienced at the art of mixing. If you aren't equipped with the knowledge of mixing different ingredients in alcoholic drinks it is recommended that you have a sparkling wine in its pure unadulterated form.

Martini Asti

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