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Martini Bar

Martini is a favored cocktail across the world and no bar is complete without the essentials required to make a martini. If you are considering setting up a martini bar, you will be required to stock it with a few martini essentials. Some of them include:

Gin: This is the staple spirit for the classic Martini and it is important you are well stocked with it. Any good English brand of gin is acceptable, and those commonly preferred include Beefeater, Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire.

Vodka: This is the most popular substitute for gin in a martini. Preferably use a Russian Vodka, if possible, but it is not essential that you do so. Brand of vodka that are usually popular include Smirnoff, Absolut and Stolichnaya.

Vermouth: Although dry vermouth is more commonly used, ideally a well stocked Martini bar should have both sweet and dry vermouth. After all, the recipe called the Perfect Martini calls for dry and sweet vermouth in equal parts. Any available brand of vermouth is acceptable in a martini bar.

Garnishing: Depending on your taste, you can choose among a number of different garnishes in your martini bar, the most popular being flavored and stuffed olives.

Martini Shakers: Martini Shakers are an essential part of any Martini bar, as shaken martini is far more popular than the stirred version. A Martini shaker will not only help mix all the ingredients of the drink effectively, but is also used to chill the drink by adding a few cubes of ice in the shaker. Since, most people prefer to stock their spirits at room temperature, using a shaker with ice cubes is essential to chilling the drink, which is served without any ice, cubed or shaved. A number of different varieties of shakers are available, that are both functional and a style statement.

Strainer: A number of martini shakers come with a fitted strainer, but if yours doesn't then you will also need to buy a separate Hawthorne strainer to separate ice cubes and other solid ingredients like herbs and fruits from the drink before serving it.

Mixing Glass: If you do not prefer to shake your martini, but instead prefer the clarity and transparency of a stirred drink, then you will need a tall mixing glass in your martini bar to mix all the various ingredients of the martini and also to chill the drink by adding ice cubes in the mixing glass.

Bar Spoon: If you prefer your martini stirred, not shaken, then you will also need a bar spoon in your martini bar. A bar spoon is usually long so that it can reach all the way to the bottom of tall mixing glasses.

Jigger: A jigger is a metal measuring device that can be used from both ends. One end of the jigger can measure an ounce and a half of spirits, while the other end can measure either three fourths of an ounce or one ounce. You will need this to mix the exact quantity of different spirits to make the perfect martini.

Martini Bar

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