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Martini Beach

The joy of sipping on a variety of martinis knows no bounds when you're perched at Martini beach. Facing the magnificent shoreline amidst the chaotic ambiance of colorful cocktails is a dream that needs to be experienced. The ingredients that are used to make martinis depend a great deal on the proportion and measure you use. When you indulge in a cocktail at this place it's hard to resist what the other one tastes like. Fruity or extremely fiery, every variant here is a martini lover's delight. From the traditional martini to fancy variants, if your life revolves round martinis, Martini beach is the place to be.

Gin, Vodka, dry vermouth, sparkling wine, cognac, whiskey, rum, whatever your choice, at Martini beach you can be assured there is a martini that goes well with your taste. For women that like their martini extremely fruity, spoil yourself till gravity gets the better of you. Every martini variant available here is tempting, and the fun is not resisting to temptation. The unique blend of flavors that instantaneously take control can be felt distinctly. Truly inspiring is the innovative style in which a supplement is used to garnish the cocktails here.

Be warned, the gentle sea breeze that caresses your face as you sip your cocktail misleads you in believing you're in control, when you're not. If you're unable to control your manic drinking habit make sure you're accompanied by someone who can control you. The magnificent view along with the excellent ambiance, food, appetizers and drinks makes Martini beach a popular joint. This place has a variety of cocktails like no other. The bartenders do an excellent job at churning out a cocktail in accordance with your taste. Taste and visual presentation of every drink in this is top notch.

Martini Beach

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