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Martini Bianco

When you talk of fine tradition, heritage, gin and vermouth the aroma of a martini gets vivid in your mind. A classic that never gets old, martini is a drink that is uniquely its own. Martini bianco is a smooth intense drink blended beautifully with dry white wine elegantly infused with vanilla, and aromatic floral herbs that leave a remarkable tantalizing sweet citrus based flavor in your mouth. The region of Piedmont in Italy is responsible for the finest production of vermouth. Slopes, soil condition, and weather condition of this region is ideal for growing superior quality grapes. Martini bianco is a drink that has a unique aroma and relatively sweet taste that is divine.

You may have to acquire a taste for this drink, and once you do there's no escaping the nostalgia and charm of its mesmerizing taste. Over the years experimentation among blend experts has led to several other ingredients being added to the drink. Many martini bianco enthusiasts have expressed their views about the right way to have this drink, but it's ultimately your taste buds that determine the way you want your drink. Whether you opt to mix it with other alcoholic or fruit variants or decide to have it in its pure form the dominance of flavors remain intact.

When you blend or mix a drink it is done to add a subtlety and character to the already existing flavor without overpowering it. When you add an ingredient, or a number of ingredients to martini bianco you should be careful with the measure or proportion of the ingredient you use. Any ingredient that is used excessively dominates the drink and can ruin the taste of your drink. When a drink is mixed the dominant base has to be the original flavor, encompassed within it should be the flavor of the ingredients added.

Martini Bianco

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