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Martini Cocktail Shaker

An accessory that is absolutely essential to make martinis at home or at a bar is a martini cocktail shaker. Available in a variety of shapes and designs, these shakers come in different sizes to suit your requirement. Although small shakers look dainty and fit well in the palm, it is recommended that you purchase a big size to ensure there is enough space for a number of ingredients to be mixed. If you use a number of ingredients to make a martini cocktail, a small cocktail mixer or shaker will not have enough room for the ingredients to be mixed well; this will result in the flavors not being balanced well.

Your need or requirement determines the type of martini cocktail shaker you purchase. The classic two or three piece shaker with an entire stainless steel finish is yet preferred over a mix of molded plastic and steel as they are visually stunning and complement the glassware at the bar. Most cocktail shakers used in bars these days consist of a built in strainer. A martini cocktail shaker without the presence of a built in strainer requires a hawthorn strainer that needs to be fixed to the container to strain the drink. Cocktail shakers that are popular in a home or at a bar are The Boston shaker, The French shaker and The Cobbler shaker.

Every type of martini cocktail shaker has a unique charm attached to it. Lounge bars get their cocktail shakers customized in accordance with the theme that adorns the area. You don't have to search high and low for a cocktail shaker of your choice as internet sellers offer a wide variety of traditional and fancy shakers. Make sure you select a cocktail shaker that blends with the bar accessories that adorn the area.

Martini Cocktail Shaker

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