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Martini Costume

Wearing costumes that symbolize your favorite drink has always been a popular trend. A martini costume is exceedingly popular at theme parties. Individuals come adorned in a variety of clothing styles that profess their love for the martini. From elegant to absurd, at a theme party you find different types of attire that's worn to draw attention. A colorful short cocktail dress with small martini glass prints is popular with women at a theme party. Men prefer wearing a martini shirt or tee-shirt to such parties. Wearing the type of martini costume for a party depends on the individual's choice. Remember there is no such thing as a ridiculous or outrageous costume at a party if you can carry it in tune with the party theme.

Lots of individuals turn up in a colorful martini costume at a beach party. Bikinis with a variety of martini related designs, colors and prints are worn by lot of women at martini theme parties. Other styles that women at a beach love to wear are large martini glass prints on a beach sarong elegantly wrapped around their body. Martini tee shirts and shirts are the most popular form of clothing at a beach party. Manufacturers of beach footwear have a variety of martini prints on beach slippers and sandals which can be worn to complement your dress at a party.

Another important accessory of a martini costume is a hat or a cap. There are several varieties of hats or caps with martini messages or prints that can be worn to beach parties. Headgear at a beach party is necessary to ward of the sun, and also looks trendy and stylish with your beach attire. Large and small prints of martini messages and images are worn by both men and women at a beach party. Individuals also write messages on their tee shirts for a martini beach party.

Martini Costume

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