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Martini Culture

As any cocktail lover in the country would have noticed, Martini culture is in vogue again. A number of 'Martini Bars' have sprung up in all parts of the county and are offering even more value for money by incorporating lounge music, and traditions like cigars and smoking jackets. A Martini renaissance is being heralded by bartenders around the country and Martini is being declared 'America's Favorite Cocktail.' Is this surprising? Absolutely not.

Martini has always been looked upon both as a status symbol and a style statement. A connoisseur of Martini is has always been considered as something of an aristocrat. For a number of people around the world, Martini is not just a drink, it is a statement. Considered to provide both charm and elegance, it is a drink favored by those who seek to make a strong impression. Amongst the famous high profile celebrities who have shoen marked preference for this cocktail are Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Truman Capote, Cary Grant, William Faulkner and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On the other hand, the Martini has evolved into so many variations since its invention more than a century ago, that it has the potential of satisfying the whims of any drinker. In fact, martini as was originally conceived hardly resembles the modern concoctions of the cocktail. In any case, the ability of the drink to incorporate any personal preference also allows a drinker to make a personal statement based on the choice of ingredients he or she prefers in a martini.

Similarly, as is commonly acknowledged today, James Bond's endorsement of the drink and his specification- 'Shaken, Not Stirred' encompasses the iconic status achieved by the drink. James Bond is the veritable icon of the American male and is choices are bound to have an impact on his audience. Considered suave and charming, his choice of drink reflects his personality. On the other hand, his personal preference of how the drink he prefers his has almost imprinted his personal stamp on this specific style of mixing the drink.

The martinis have been immensely popular since their invention in the 1870s until the 1960s. However, in the 1970s the general atmosphere of the entire country underwent a huge change and a number of things considered a way of life soon were considered outdated. People also became more health and work conscious and the days of three-martini lunches came to an end along with items like fur coats, cigars and red meat, while wine and spritzer mixes became more popular.

But, like many things considered retro that become fashionable again after a period of time, Martinis are making a huge comeback. Hailed as the most popular drink amongst celebrities, fashionistas and the mover and shakers of the world, martinis are popular among people who want to appear as those who have made it or well on their way to making it. Considering that this group forms a large part of any population, one can be assured of the continuing popularity of this drink.

Martini Culture

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