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Martini Garnish

Martini is a drink that rose in popularity among people when the 007 star made it his personal drink choice. Though it has been christened as a suave and smooth drink there are those who prefer having it plain while other prefer having it with a little bit of martini garnish so as to lend it a sweet taste. However the taste differs from person to person and thus the garnish ingredients used also differ. Though the difference is there this is a drink that each and every one in a party will relish if created and mixed in the right way.

Though there are many people who would prefer the idea of sipping on a glass of champagne or wine better for celebration purposes it is also a goo option to sip on a martini. Just as the drinks wary the options of garnishes for each and every martini recipe vary to a great extent. If you got to see there are many types of garnishes that are available these days. However the commonest garnish that is used till date is the humble olive. Stuffed olives are a hit when it comes to garnishing martini drinks. Other than olives you will also find anchovies, pimentos, apple slices, orange peel twists and lemon peel twists. If you look at the tropical set of garnishes you can use pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries as martini garnish ingredients.

You can even use a wide variety of vegetable in the pickled form as martini garnish ingredients for various different martini recipes. Almonds and herbs along with gin salad creations are making their way into the martini garnish section in the present day times. Olive martini garnish recipes are being revamped to include mushrooms, cheese, garlic and a host of other ingredients to lend a totally different taste and aesthetic value to the martini recipe.

Martini Garnish

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