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Martini Garnishes

Martini is a drink that is considered a smooth and suave choice of the drinking set. It rose to fame when the 'super spy' James Bond made it his drink of choice. Some consumers prefer taking it plain while others would add garnish to make it sweeter or just for the fun of it. The type of garnish used ultimately boils down to one's personal taste. But whichever the garnish used, martini is a drink that everyone will certainly enjoy if prepared in the right manner. When one is having a party or simply wants to relish a relaxing time with a sweet drink, the choice of drink comes into play.

Most people prefer champagne or wine; while still others choose a martini for the occasion. Just like there is a wide choice to make over the type of drink one would wish to have, the kinds of garnishes for your martini are equally in abundance. The dictionary describes martini as a cocktail made with gin or vodka and dry vermouth. Though martini is traditionally served plain, it is nowadays customary to serve it with garnish, which is used to decorate the drink so that it becomes more appealing to the eye. The garnish used depends on the preferences of the individual preparing the drink and also an individual's tastes.

There are very many martini garnishes available today, but undoubtedly, Olives top the list of martini garnishes. Cocktail onions and capers take a very close lead from behind after olives. You are sure to find a martini with either stuffed or regular olives for garnish. Today, you are very likely to spot peppers, mushrooms, garlic, cheese, anchovies and pimento in an olive martini garnish.

Capers on the other hand, will be spotted either salted or pickled. Further, you can find various variations of vegetables such as sun-dried or pickled tomatoes into a martini. Gin salad is another vegetable combination that combines two cocktail onions and three olives to a standard martini as garnish. Not to be left behind, almonds and herbs have also found their way into martini garnishes. In addition to enhancing the flavor of a martini, the almonds and herbs also enhance the aesthetic value.

Brightly colored garnishes such as lemons and mints are known to enhance both the appearance and the flavor. A lot of martinis are garnished with different fruit slices, all depending on the tastes and preferences of the end user. Apple martinis will get a perfect garnish from mini apples, while oranges and maraschino cherries give that tasteful garnish to a martini drink, such as a sweet martini.

If for instance your sweet tooth will not be satisfied with a mere fruit, you can opt for gummy bears, skittles, pieces of chocolates or Hershey kisses to enhance the sweetness even further. Simply stated, martini garnishes can be anything, whether you want your martini sour, sweet, bitter-sweet or just there. When martini garnishing first came into being, people used mustard made using vodka, olives and vermouth, which are finding their way back in today's martini garnishing world.

Martini Garnishes

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