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Martini Gift

The martini as we all know is a drink that everyone likes and if you are bent on the idea of gifting a martini themed gift, then you need to do some serious thinking. There are numerous martini gift ideas that are up for grabs in the gift market. You need to lookout for these before you decide to buy your martini gift set.

The martini gift ideas are numerous and they revolve around the themes of the martini recipes. There are basic recipes, flavored martini recipes, as well as, the ultimate and unique martini recipes.

When you are buying a basic martini gift set you need to consider the following items in the gift set. They include a cocktail shaker, a bottle of gin, vermouth and a martini glass set. If you know that your friend likes a lovely dry martini then you can also include a jar of exquisite stuffed olives along with some tastefully designed olive skewers.

When you shop for a flavored martini gift you will be required to be on the watch for ingredients like juices, liqueurs and additives that will enable your friend create uniquely elegant martini recipes. Cranberry juice, chocolate liqueurs and vodka along with a bottle of gin and vermouth and bitters will enable your friend to create some superb flavored martinis. Unique and ultimate martini recipes also require unique settings and apparatus.

You can buy a set of exquisite studded crystal martini glasses as well as a bottle of the best brand of gin and vodka. A gift card can also be included which will lead/allow your friends to take a trip to a restaurant with good food and exquisite martinis on order. To end the day, you can also plan a lovely martini gift by sending in a limo for a quick drive to their famous martini hotspot for a few drinks.

Martini Gift

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