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Martini Gifts

The martini was created when a rugged old man mixed old tom gin and a splash of bitters and served it to his customers in the year 1862. The drink since then has undergone a number of changes which have seen the ingredients of old being replaced by the modern range of gin and vermouth along with assorted mixtures that enable one to create their very own martini drink. There are various martini gifts that one can choose from.

You can choose to gift your friends elegantly designed martini print shirts and tees or even gift baskets that have the nuances of everyday martini making apparatus in them. You can also think of new and varied gift themes that you can create and design to surprise your friends. The range of martini gifts is not only limited to printed shirts and gift baskets you can also gift your friends exquisitely designed martini flasks, night light fixtures, as well as, martini themed pill boxes and money clips.

These martini gifts are available at almost every gift store and if you cannot find what you are looking out for at your nearest store you can always use the internet. There are numerous martini stores online that will direct you to the best possible collection of martini gifts so that you have a large collection to choose from. You can choose martini themed jewelry, card cases, card holders, cigarette cases as well as key chains and badge holders.

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Here are some more Martini Gift Ideas
  • Pull chains for ceiling fans
  • elegantly designed jewelry boxes
  • letter cutters/openers
  • fridge magnets

Martini Gifts

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