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Martini Glass Pendant

The world of the martini has been made popular since the British spy 007 made it his signature drink during the filming of the bond movies. The concept of the drink that was sipped on by the agent was to have the drink shaken and not stirred. The drink has since then modified on various occasions to serve the taste buds of numerous martini aficionados. There are a number of martini themed items that are available in the market right from photo frames to printed t-shirts to designer glasses and last, but not the least, martini glass pendant cases.

The world of fashion has made use of abstract ideas to bolster their fashion outputs. These lovely glass pendant jewelry items have been designed keeping all of these ideas in mind. There are simple and there are elegantly expensive martini glass pendant jewelry articles that are available in the market these days.

The martini glass on the chain is designed in such a way so as to make it look realistic and filled with a drink that is shaken and not stirred. The glass pendant has a touch of silver in the glass solution as well as a bit of titanium to give it a silvery whitish tinge. There are also martini glass pendant items that are designed keeping in mind the subtle nature of a delectable martini. This is done by incorporating a little liquid into the pendant that may be colored or not depending on the customization options.

These lovely martini glass pendant sets are available in leading jewelry stores under the themed art sections. You can also find these martini glass pendant chains as a part and parcel of various other jewelry articles. These glass pendants make good gift articles and can be worn to complement dresses as also a casual attire.

Martini Glass Pendant

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