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Martini Gold

A martini is made by mixing an equal quantity of gin and vermouth along with ice and served with a garnish of olives. The gin and the vermouth may differ according to their brand thereby changing the taste of the liquid as per the type of the gin and vermouth mixture used. Though there are number of brands of these two liquids in the market there are a very few brands that incorporate the dry and bitter taste of the martini in the right levels.

To account for the ups and downs that the martini has faced since the incorporation of these ingredients there has been a new development that has taken place which will enable your martini to taste better the next time you drink it. The fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana along with the spirit distiller Martini have come out with an impeccable brand of vermouth, martini gold, which combines flavors from all over the world to give you that sip of satisfaction that you have been waiting for a long time.

Considering the fact that Martini gold has been brought to the market due to the efforts of these two big names in the business of fashion and alcoholic beverages, it was a genuine level of curiosity that took on my mind to find out what the ingredients actually were. The ingredients infused in martini gold include the addition of lemons and oranges from the orchards of Sicily, bergamot from Calabria, ginger root from India the Asian subcontinent and myrrh from Ethiopia. The addition of saffron in this vermouth mix makes it a kingly drink/ liquid to sip on.

Just as Dolce and Gabbana make it their dream to clothe you in your best from the outside, the partnership of Martini enables them to clothe the individual from the outside, as well as, the inside in the royal colors of martini gold.

Martini Gold

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