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Martini History

Martini history is wrapped in a number of theories and stories that yet have to be unraveled so as to be believed. There are very many arguments all pointing at the creators of the martini but all these are without proof. There are numerous people who have been credited with the task of creating the world's first martini and in all this chaos it is wise to remember that the modern day martini subject to all talks and revamps consists of, gin and vermouth (depending on the taste of the drinker) along with a few ice cubes and a twist or lemon or an olive for garnish.

The very first claim pertaining to the martini history dates back to the year 1862 when the first martini known as the Martinez was created by mixing threes parts of red, sweet vermouth to one part of traditionally used gin. This martini had a sweet taste to it as it incorporated the taste of aromatic bitters and the sweet taste of the gin used. Since then if you go to see the drink has been totally changed with the gin being replace with a dry version while the vermouth was by the dry and light vermouth version. The proportions used were changed and it soon became equal parts for both the gin and the vermouth thus signaling the birth of the modern day martini.

There are numerous other stories that are linked with the Martinez, martini history. One states that the martini was derived from the name of the martini Henry rifle that was previously used by the English. The old saying goes that the Martinez and the rifle both accounted for a very strong kick when used.

However, in the present day times no one care about the martini history and anything served in the confines of a martini glass will be and is termed as a martini.

Martini History

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