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Martini Images

The word martini stands for a drink that is concocted by mixing an equal proportion of gin and vermouth along with ice and garnished with an olive. This drink became famous after the British agent 007 who made it his trademark drink in the bond movies. Over the years since its creation the drink has be revamped on a number of occasions and there have been many varieties of the drink to cater to the whims and fancies of all people.

The drink enjoys a lot of status during parties when woman along with their men counterparts can be seen sipping on vibrant concoctions. The drink is aptly advertised at most bars and lounges where one can choose their drink depending on the range available. For those who want a visual o their drink they can look up interesting martini images that are posted in these lounges and bars. These martini images enable on to make up their mind whether they want the drink or not.

Martini images are also used during promotional events for the martini fests that are held all over the world from time to time. There are intricate images consisting of simple martini shots and those which incorporate the nuances of the atmosphere one enters when sipping on the drink. On the same note martini images are also printed on shirts and other accessories and these items are popular when one attends martini fests.

There are numerous martini images that one can choose if they are interested in decorating their home bar area or for that matter giving a total new look to a lounge setting. Varied and vast the treasure trove of images can be used to create a feeling of vibrancy and liveliness in the minds and hearts of those who feel like drinking, as well as, those who are sipping on the drink.

Martini Images

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