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Martini Ingredients

The classic martini recipe has paved the way for several variants. Although the classic combination of gin and dry vermouth garnished with olive is yet the essence of a true martini there are numerous other ingredients that are being use to cater to individual tastes. The preference for martini ingredients arises from the need to suffice various tastes of individuals the world over. The art of mixing a drink needs a fair amount of knowledge on how to blend flavors. There are a number of martini variants that have become a commercial success while many others trying to find a place in the mainstream.

Martini ingredients that women prefer in their drinks are fruit juices. As most women prefer their drinks mild, bartenders use a variety of fresh fruit juice to add a fruity flavor to their drinks. The proportion of alcohol used should be reduced and the content of fruit juice should be relatively high to give the drink a lot more flavor. Exotic martini ingredients are being increasingly used to add sting to a drink. Mint and ginger extracts bled beautifully with certain fruit juices, and alcohol, and give the cocktail an enhanced flavor. The measure of ginger or mint extract used in a drink should be in accordance with the other ingredients used to make the drink.

When you mix a drink the idea is to balance the dominant flavor rather than overpower it. Martini ingredients used in a wrong measure can ruin the taste of your drink. Each ingredient used to make martini variants need to complement each other. If the ratio or proportion of ingredients used is uneven the flavors won't be balanced. The measure of an ingredient that is in excess will dominate the taste of the drink. Experimentation with blending and mixing different ingredients is the key to achieving the unknown.

Martini Ingredients

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