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Martini Juice

Although the essence of a true martini will yet be dry vermouth and gin, the way individuals prefer to have their drink is entirely their choice. A martini juice is a cocktail that uses less amount of alcohol but is substituted with a substantial quantity of fresh fruit juice. If you're not a regular drinker martinis made with sparkling wine, champagne, or fruit juice are ideal for your palate. Being extremely mild a martini juice can be served at any occasion. Many individuals make the mistake of making their martini variants too sweet. The sweetness in a martini needs to be the flavor of the ingredients you use in it.

When a martini juice is made it should have an aroma of the ingredients used. If fresh fruit juice is used you should be able to smell the fruit you've use in it. When you sip it, flavors should be individually identifiable with the base flavor coming through followed by the rest. If the drink does not have an aroma or there is a collision of flavors when you sip it, it's an indication that the ratio of ingredients used has gone wrong. When the measure of ingredients is too less, or in excess, the flavors in a drink do not combine well thus ruining the balance of the drink.

When we talk about a martini juice with a fruity flavor, most individuals think in terms of sweetness. The amount of sweetness in your cocktail varies in accordance with personal taste. The best way to retain the natural sweetness is using the fruit juice in its natural form. Many individuals use artificially flavored sweeteners in their drinks along with fresh juices, you can do so but be aware that artificial sweeteners camouflage the original tangy sweetness of the fruit juice resulting in an overly sweet flavor.

Martini Juice

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