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Since the inception of the martini logo, blend experts, mixing professionals and bartenders have taken the drink to the next level. Although connoisseurs of a martini yet swear by the traditional classic, gin and dry vermouth, today, individual preferences demand a variety of variants of the legendary classic. The martini logo is associated with the finest Vermouth, sparkling wine and champagne of the world. The legendary taste of vermouth is credited to three individuals Alessandro Martini, Luigi Rossi, and Teofilo Sola. Operating as Martini, Sola & Cia in 1863 it came to be known as Martini and Rossi in 1879 after Sola opted out.

The registration of the martini logo came into being in 1929. When it comes to vermouth and sparkling wines it can't get better than Martini and Rossi. Although there are several brands that are associated with quality vermouth, the 'martini' brand of vermouth is preferred due to its legendary taste. You just can't miss bottles of Martini and Rossi perched at a bar. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Martini and Rossi's Asti spumante and sparkling wines come from northern Italy. Excellent brand and marketing strategies elevate the martini banner way above the rest.

Since its early days the martini logo has associated itself as a brand leader by sponsoring top events. With rigorous advertising and marketing campaigns emerging in the 1960s and 1970s the martini banner was a household name. The heritage, legacy and legendary taste of sparkling wine and vermouth of this brand is incomparable. Whatever the occasion, serving your guests with products of Martin and Rossi makes it a momentous event. The magnetism and appreciation towards its fine bled and legendary taste of products it offers is evidence of the fact that a true legend is eternal.

Martini Logo

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