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Martini Martini

When you hear the words martini martini repeated in quick succession at a bar you speculate it's a soul that can't live without the legendary taste. Close inspection reveals you were right; the individual is immersed in thought among the variety of martinis waiting to be consumed. You may have come across this scenario where individuals in a foreign land mention the words martini martini to get an affirmation from the bartender. If it's a 'no' they walk away to the next bar. The relentless charm of a martini among aficionados of this drink knows no bounds. They won't stop till they find a bar equipped with their favorite drink.

Every martini drinker likes his drink in accordance with his/her taste. While some prefer the classic gin and dry vermouth, others prefer an eclectic mix of ingredients in their martini. Whatever your taste, if a bar serves martinis you can be assured the bartender will make one in accordance with your taste. The popularity of the drink has led to several beachside shacks the world over using the words martini martini as a name for their enclosure. Quality olive brine is used to make a salty dirty martini. The quantity of olive brine used gives the martini its muddy appearance.

A wide range of fresh fruit juices are used to give your martini a sweet tangy flavor. The type of fruit juice you use to make a martini depends on your personal taste. If you're allergic to a particular fruit make sure you inform the bartender. Improvisation and experimentation is the key to make variants of a martini. The ratio of ingredients mixed should be in accordance with the preference of the individual. Balance of flavors should be perfect with the base flavor being a little more dominating than the others. Bartenders are the ones who often get to hear different voices uttering the words martini martini in quick succession. Now that my drinks overůMartini!

Martini Martini

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