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Martini Media

Lot has been written about types of martinis and why purists feel it's a sin to divulge from dry vermouth, gin, and vodka. The martini media comprises of every individual that has a say about a martini. We've got to understand that anyone who loves a martini and has an opinion about it is a part of the martini media. Regardless of the fact whether an individual enjoys the traditional martini or the plethora of variants that have spun off from the original, your personal preference shouldn't deter you from sharing information about the martini.

Individuals in favor of traditional martinis and individuals that prefer experimenting with ingredients may be involved in a constant war of words, but little do they realize they are members of the same family, the martini media. The family of martini lovers is huge considering the popularity of the drink the world over. With the advent of the internet, a lot of individuals spend time dictating terms about the right way of having a martini. Instead of fighting over an individual's opinion on what's right and what's wrong, sharing information about the legendry taste of this drink will give insight to individuals that aren't familiar with the drink.

Information on the types of grapes used to make vermouth, and the Italian regions from which the best Vermouth produced has been covered on several instances and will be covered in the future. Any information that you have about martinis should be shared with others. It's simple, what's known to you maybe unknown to others. The martini media involves anyone who shares what's known, and learns what's unknown in the world of martinis. Information about martinis or anything relating to it should be contributed to help the family of martini lovers grow larger.

Martini Media

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