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Martini Mixed Drink

There are several martini mixed drink recipes that can be made at home. When you attempt mixing a drink at home make sure you have the right ingredients to make your cocktail. The measure of the ingredients used should be spot on. A wrong ratio of the ingredients used will spoil the taste of your martini mixed drink. Fresh juice needs to be added in accordance with how tangy, or sweet you want your drink. If you make your drink overly sweet you won't be able to feel the ingredients that go into making the cocktail. The sweetness in a cocktail should be the natural flavor of a fresh juice.

Here's a simple martini mixed drink recipe

This cocktail has a sweet tangy taste of green apple. It's simple to make.

Adams Apple (Apple martini)


  1. 1 oz (30ml approx) apple vodka
  2. 1 oz (30 ml approx) Midori
  3. 1 oz (30 ml approx) Apple Schnapps
  4. 1 1/2 oz (40ml approx) Apple Juice
  5. 5to6 ice cubes
  6. 1 thin green apple slice

Pour the apple vodka, Midori, apple schnapps and apple juice in a cocktail shaker. Once that's done add the ice cubes. Gently roll the cocktail shaker in a circular motion. After that give the cocktail shaker a rigorous shake and strain the drink in a martini glass. Use the slice of apple as a garnish on the rim of the martini glass.

As martini mixed drink recipes are simple and easy to make individuals love to make these when they have guests. Making cocktails takes very less time and can be made with short notice. You can use vodka, gin, vermouth, rum, sparkling wine or any other form of alcohol to make cocktails. Use fruits that are seasonal and easily available, this will ensure that the juice extracted is fresh. You can use crushed ice if you want to dilute your cocktail. Depending on the type of cocktail you prepare, make sure you the right garnish and serve the drink. Serving the cocktail in a chilled martini glass is optional.

Martini Mixed Drink

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