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Martini Pitcher, Pitching for Success

A martini pitcher is simply a large container which has a spout that is used to pour out martini after mixing it. A martini pitcher will come in handy if you are making large volumes of martinis at once. Be advised that you will also need a nice stirring stick; preferably one made from glass to accompany a martini pitcher and help create that graceful effect. A typical martini pitcher should feature a handle and a spout or lip which should help pour the drinks into glasses.

Simply put, nothing spells retro-cool the way a martini pitcher does. More than the typical all time cocktail shaker; a martini pitcher demonstrates that you are fully dedicated to the cocktail lifestyle. Conversely, a martini is a mixture of two drinks (dry vermouth and gin) in unequal portions. The cocktail is then served ice-cold, in a beautiful martini glass. If you like, you can garnish your martini with a lemon twist or green olive.

While this may seem as a simple task, it actually is but not when you are expected to make over 30 cocktails. You will need a martini pitcher to mix a massive amount of cocktails together concurrently. Modern day martini pitchers are made of glass, finest crystal, but you can also find them in plastic. And as technology has advanced, these drinkwares can also be customized just like a martini glass, to bear a brand name, a logo or a message of your choice.

There is a myriad of choices in the market today when it comes to Martini pitchers. However, just like shopping for any other drinkware, sensible shopping will help you get a great bargain. You can find a martini pitcher online or in the high street stores near you. Be advised that the style of martini pitchers is different. Majority of the pitchers have a penetratingly pinched lip, or spout if you like; to allow the pitcher pour content without using a martini strainer. If you don't get such a pitcher, you will need to buy a martini strainer separately.

To help preserve the clarity of a crystal-made martini pitcher, it is always advisable to wash your drinkware using a mild liquid soap in warm water. The water shouldn't be hot as it may engrave the surfaces of the crystal permanently. After washing sparingly, rinse it off with warm, clean water and shine using a lint-free piece of cloth. If the water you use to clean your martini pitcher leaves some mineral deposits or sort of lime on your crystal martini pitcher, put some vinegar on a lint-free, nonabrasive piece of clothing and polish your pitcher sparingly.

A martini pitcher will help you serve your cocktail stirred, and is an ideal addition in any home bar or table setting, whether it is for formal or casual entertaining. A martini pitcher forms a very crucial part of martini drinkware that cannot just be ignored. They say that keg is for beer, carafe is for the wine and a martini pitcher is for the martini.

Martini Pitcher, Pitching for Success

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