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Martini Poster

With martini attaining godlike status among alcohol connoisseurs, posters of the vintage drink have become exceedingly popular. A martini poster adorned on a wall is a feeling one can't comprehend. Over the years there has been a sudden surge in demand for posters of this classic drink. Posters with different images and prints depicting a martini are available in different sizes. An individual can choose a poster in accordance with the size of the room.

Posters with emotive words on a martini glass are very popular but a vintage martini poster that every eligible bachelor desires to have in his room is the vintage figure of a voluptuous woman in a bikini wearing a sailors cap sitting on the rim of a martini glass. Like martini variants, numerous voluptuous women without a sailor's cap and a bikini, garnished on the rim of a martini glass have spun off the original. Collectors are willing to spend a fortune on vintage posters of this legendary drink. Some of the vintage posters of yesteryears were purchased by aficionados at garage sales. Today, many collectors worldwide have acquired these classics by spending a huge sum. Posters from the 1960's and 70's fetch a huge price, so if you're not a collector and want to get rid of your martini poster keep in mind a collector will pay a good price.

There are several sellers on the internet that offer a variety of posters in psychedelic colors. If you're hell bent on acquiring a vintage martini poster, keep a constant vigil on antique shops in your neighborhood, they may have what you're looking for. There are plenty of new posters with striking images of martini glasses that blend beautifully with modern homes. New posters are available in a variety of colors that gel beautifully with the walls when framed and complemented with cove lighting.

Martini Poster

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