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Martini Posters

The humble martini was coined when an old rugged man mixed a few liquids in the right proportion to give us the sensational concoction that calms our nerves when we sip on it. The martini was formerly known as Martinez and was discovered or you can say created in the 18th century. The initial recipe underwent some changes and the ingredients were replaced with the commonly seen gin and vermouth base we see today.

Martini posters are a fun way of brightening the surroundings of your home bar or even the lounge space. Over time, since its inception the drink has become famous among many individuals. This is due to the fact that the drink was the standard mixture that was sipped on by the British spy 007 in almost all of his movies. Since then there has been no looking back and the drink has changed so as to make place for newer version of the drink. There are many recipes of the martini that are mixed and drunk by people from all walks of life.

Martini posters are used by promoters to bring out the name of their products to the public. They are also used as mementos during martini fests and other such events. Martini posters can have a picture of a martini glass or even of a reclining girl sipping on a drink or even any abstract feature that is connected to the drink.

There are many advertisement and promotional agencies that will give you martini poster designs so that you can check and see which suits your martini themed idea. Martini posters can also be used on billboards to advertise for certain recipes and mixture brands depending on the purpose. The designs are varied and the style statements vary hence allowing you to choose from a wide range of motifs for your martini posters idea.

Martini Posters

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