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Martini Rossi

When it comes to quality alcohol, Martini Rossi offers tough competition to the biggest names you can think of. When it comes to alcohol brands, distilleries that have been around for over a century already command much respect, and this one fits right in. In regards to top of the class vermouth, Martini Rossi gives us the best there is. It's true that not everybody is keen on the history of products, but if that ever became the bone of contention, the company would leave others way behind. Having started business in the 19th century, the company has undergone many changes even in ownership, as well as, product introduction.

The latest development was in 1992, when Martini Rossi was acquired by Bacardi. Apart from providing quality vermouth, the company also provides French vermouth, better known as Noilly Prat. There business doesn't end here because sparkling wine is their domain too. The Martini vermouth has enjoyed immense popularity and served guests worldwide. For many, the mention of Martini takes us to James Bond. If this is your first brush with martini, then you're likely to have tried it for the first time just out of curiosity.

Being a big name has ensured that the company has been actively involved in huge brand endorsement, and sponsorship. This ensures that the European market favors their drinks. Whether you're hosting a party, simply like to make your own drink or choose to gift someone a Martini Rossi bottle, the experience is wholesome. If you aren't sure of what each drink has to offer, it would be best to seek help from the store manager. You'll benefit from the detailed explanation and would be able to find your best drink. Over time, people learn to love a certain drink more than others, so, if martini is your favorite pick, it's time to find your favorite bottle.

Martini Rossi

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