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Martini Sets

Presentation is important when you do any work and the same applies when you serve a martini. In order to keep your presentation up-to-date and superior from the rest you will require to stock your bar with the necessary items like glasses and accessories that help one enjoy the mood while sipping in the drink. When putting together a martini set for yourself or for a friend, you will require keeping in mind that there are different variations of these sets as well as apparatus depending on the types of martinis that you or your friend will / might mix and drink.

There are three levels of these martini sets or gift baskets as you may call them. The first one requires that you stock your gift basket with the items of everyday martini use like shakers, stirrers, a simple martini glass set as well as a bottle of gin and vermouth and a jar of stuffed olives for the garnishing purpose. You can also include serviettes and coasters with martini themed imprints.

For the other gift box/ basket you need to think out of the blue. Considering the fact that you or your friend will be using their spare time to try and test new martini mixtures you will be required to stock up on juices and syrups so that you can be able to concoct your mixtures as you like them. Cranberry, blueberry and raspberry juices and syrups are a must have along with chocolate liqueurs and orange bitters and other assorted mixture liquid bottles.

A wholesome collection of these syrups will allow you to have a very good time mixing and concocting drinks for you and your family. If you are looking for a high stand of martini sets you can always go in for exquisitely designed and cut crystal glasses and top quality brand bottles of gin and vermouth along with a few biters and a complimentary gift card from a restaurant offering good food and drinks. This can be thought for if you are going to gift someone this martini set.

Martini Sets

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