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Martini Shaker

If you're looking for a cocktail shaker to supplement your need for making different beverages, selecting the right one from the variety of styles and designs available is not easy. If martini is a drink you swear by you need a martini shaker that is stylish and blends with the other bar accessories. There are a lot of fancy cocktail shakers that are beautiful to look at but may have a slippery surface. If you're trying to impress guests at the bar the last thing you'd want is the cocktail shaker slipping out of your hand. A stainless steel martini shaker with carved designs on the exteriors offers an excellent grip even if your hands are wet.

Although most individuals yet prefer a martini shaker with clean smooth exteriors, carved exteriors on cocktail shakers have been designed to minimize the risk of slipping from the hand, and complement the aesthetic presence of a bar. If you apply bartending skills occasionally to serve your guests, carved designs on a cocktail shaker will ensure you're a smooth operator. The size you choose entirely depends on the size of your bar. If you've got a small cozy little bar it is recommended you buy a cocktail shaker that holds 10 to 12 ounces of liquid. A 20 ounce capacity shaker will add to the ambiance of a large bar.

Some cocktail shakers come with a built-in strainer while others need a hawthorn strainer. Make sure that cocktail shakers with built-in strainers are of excellent quality. If you prefer fruit fiber in your cocktail make sure the holes or slits in the built in strainer are not extremely fine. If you select a martini shaker that needs to be fitted with a hawthorn strainer make sure you use one that matches the shaker. A mismatch looks chaotic and spoils the visual appeal of the entire bar.

Martini Shaker

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