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Martini Shakers

An individual that loves his martini knows how important it is for ingredients to be mixed well. There are plenty of martini shakers of different shape, size and design. Selecting an ideal cocktail shaker depends on the type of bar, and the bar accessories that adorn the area. The sleek and stylish stainless steel or glass finish of a cocktail shaker blends beautifully with accessories at a bar. You can opt for martini shakers with built in strainers or ones that require a hawthorn strainer to be attached. Whichever cocktail shaker you choose make sure it has plenty of space to stuff the ingredients along with the ice.

Customized martini shakers are made to complement the theme of a lounge or bar and are very expensive. The conventional cocktail shakers that are used in bars are:

  • French Shaker
  • Boston Shaker
  • Cobbler Shaker

Each of the above cocktail shakers has its own unique charm that blends beautifully with the ambiance of a bar. The cobbler shaker is a three piece cocktail shaker that consists of a tapering top. It has a built in strainer with a lid, a mixing container and a cap that fits over the strainer which also doubles as measure for different types of alcohol.

The Boston shaker consists of two parts, a metal tumbler and a mixing container made of glass. A French shaker is similar to the Cobbler shaker except for the absence of a built-in strainer. You can find a range of martini shakers on the internet. Several internet sellers selling bar accessories have a wide range of cocktail shakers. It's easy to choose a cocktail shaker that suits your requirement as most sites post a picture and description of the product they are selling. If you buy a cocktail shaker that requires a hawthorn strainer, don't forget to purchase it.

Martini Shakers

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