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Martini Shakers

Martini is a drink favored in all parts of the world today. It has a long history of pleasing connoisseurs and is famous for its appearance in a number of films and books. Amongst its most famous connoisseurs is none other than James Bond, who likes his Martini shaken, not stirred. For lovers of shaken Martini across the world, the Martini Shaker is amongst the most common accessory behind the bar. A Martini shaker is a must-have behind all bars that claim to serve the delectable Martini that is shaken.

The Martini Shaker serves two important roles in the making of a perfect martini. To begin with, Martini is a cocktail and requires a number of ingredients starting with different spirits to mixes to additives for flavor. Considering that the liquids may be of varying density, they need to be shaken thoroughly to ensure that they are perfectly mixed. This is the primary function of the Martini Shaker.

On the other hand, Martini is never served with ice, whether cubed or shaved. Instead it is served in a previously chilled or frosted glass. But this does not provide sufficient cooling for the drink. While all the ingredients are being shaken in the Martini Shaker, a number of ice cubes are also added to chill the drink rapidly and without diluting it with too much water from dissolving ice cubes. Thus, the Martini Shaker also serves the purpose of effectively chilling the drink instantly.

Martini shakers have possibly been around since the origin of Martini itself, but the true Martini shaker that is the ancestor of Martini Shakers as we know them today probably made its appearance in the early 1870s. It was probably invented a little before that, but records show that it was patented in 1872. This particular shaker was somewhat more mechanical than the ones we have seen in modern times. Martini shakers that followed this original design usually had a tight fitting lid, which had a spout that could either be plugged in with a well-placed thumb. The thumb acted as a stopper to prevent the drinks from spilling out and the shaker could then be used to shake and mix the ingredients.

The origin of the Martini Shaker also has its share of legends and lore just as the origin of the Martini itself. Before the invention of the shaker, drinks were usually only stirred in a mixing glass or a pitcher. Soon after, the technique of 'rolling the drinks' was used. In this technique, the bartender added ice to his mixed drinks and poured it from one glass to another repeatedly to mix the drinks. After the drinks were sufficiently mixed, the ice cubes were strained out of the drink before it was served. it is surmised that a bartender who was potentially using two slightly differently sized metal mixing containers, may have discovered that he could snuggly fit one container over another while inverting it. By doing this, he would be able to 'shake' the drink more effectively without spilling a single drop, a common problem hen using the rolling technique. This is probably how the modern Martini shaker was born.

Martini Shakers

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