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Martini Strainer

A martini strainer is a tool, specifically made for making beverages and cocktails, and used mainly in a bar to keep crushed ice, pulp, fruit pits and all other remains out of mixed drinks. A martini strainer resembles a small tennis racket, featuring claws, a spring and holes roughly on the outside.

Typically, for beverages or cocktails that require shaking or stirring with ice, and then serving neatly over fresh ice, a martini strainer will be very functional to separate all solid ingredients from the end product. A typical martini strainer would feature a long handle for holding. The handle is attached to a flattened paddle, with some spikes meant to clutch it outside a glass.

Along the edge of a martini strainer there is a coiled spring, which has several functions. First of all it acts as a catcher, to ensure the last ounce of your sweet martini gets into the glass without spilling. The second function of the spring is to keep the martini strainer in the right position. You are supposed to hold the martini strainer on top of a mixing glass, and then turn over the mixing glass towards the glass where you would want your drink to decant. The martini strainer will see to it that the drink decants freely through it, leaving all the debris behind.

Martini strainers are manufactured in different sizes and shapes to fit into the different sizes and shapes of glasses available in the market. As a rule of thumb, a martini strainer should always be used with a beverage tumbler or a mixing glass and to some extend with a shaker. A beverage tumbler is basically a much larger serving glass which leaves plenty of room for mixing beverages. It is imperative that a martini strainer fits comfortably and tightly into a glass. This is obviously because if the strainer leaves some space on the side, unwanted chunks of debris may slither into the drink.

If possible, it is advisable to purchase martini strainers at the same time you are purchasing glasses so that you can be able to check if they fit together. Using a martini strainer produces a consistent appearance and a feel of viscosity in the drinks. Martini strainers form a very critical part in bartender tools, and most professionals would ensure there is always a strainer available.

Martini strainers are generally manufactured using stainless steel. It goes without saying therefore that caring for a martini strainer is very easy and simple. Typically, martini strainers are susceptible to corrosion, bearing in mind that they come in regular contact with corrosive liquids - acidic liquids such as lemon and citric juices. Stainless steel does not corrode; hence your martini will be safe.

In a number of cases, the spring on a martini strainer is detachable for cleaning. Most martini strainers are dishwasher safe. Just detach the spring and wash with other silverware. The martini strainer should otherwise be cleaned separately using warm soapy water and allowing the parts to dry out separately before re-attaching.

Martini Strainer

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