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Martini Suite

The Martini Suite is, as the name suggests, a furniture range. Designed with the versatility of the cocktail in mind, the range is unique, befitting modern home décor and designed to bring the classic martini home! The collection is replete with features of rich contemporary designing ingenuity that has captured the martini in every dimension. You can now shop for the stylized furniture suite collection online as well as offline. Flaunting a flair that is all its own, it is available with luxurious finesse and in wood and fiber variations.

You could invest in the traditional oak or teak range or the sable stained finish. All the designs resemble your favorite cocktail in contemporary design that features tapered legs like the martini glass! You can invest in the suite furniture blindfolded; since the range is designed complement any décor, theme or upholstery. Martini Suite furniture comprises everything from regular chairs, counter tables and chairs, recliners and pedestal tables, to extension tables. And this is not only about aesthetics. The suite martini collection also flaunts functionality. The range is as useful as it is beautiful.

In the dining room it compliments your dining experience, while in the bedroom it adds color and flair to the relaxed side of you and your spouse. The suite range comprises of contemporary designs. The high leg design and a whole range of case pieces are available for viewing online and offline, adorned with elegant drawers and stands. Give your home the suite look that is as sophisticated as it is stylish and functional. The online vendors give you the free shipping facility that enables you to choose, compare and buy the pieces you fancy online and then have them delivered to your doorstep! Take your flair for the martini off the bar counter and into your bedroom today!

Martini Suite

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