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Martini Tan

If you've been wandering aimlessly on the sunny beaches of an unexplored island sipping the choicest martinis on every available shack, you're envied by every martini lover that breathes, including the purists that worship gin and dry vermouth. The sun shines brightly, but all you do is smile and soak it up to get that martini tan. As olive shaped figures walk past you, the warmth of a small little wave caresses your feet and returns, inviting you in the shallow depth of its playground. You oblige. As you tease each other, the bigger waves jealously grab your feet and urge you to spend time with them. Knowing your capabilities as a swimmer you politely refuse and park your dainty little body in the white sand.

As the martini tan gets a shade darker, you take a walk to a shack that reads 'Martini Martini' and perch yourself at a table that resembles a large martini glass. Your neighbors at the table facing you, a young couple, stiff as dead wood are engrossed in a schizoid gaze surrounded with a seemingly active cloud of smoke. As you watch your martini tan slowly sipping your drink, the owners lethargic dog named 'Achilles' digs into the red snapper offered to him by the couple at the table. While the snapper is being devoured you lazily munch on calamari, finish your drink, and leave.

You're delighted by the potency of the afternoon sun as you walk on the beach. The martini tan you've longed for resembles the shade of a drink you've adored, the dirty martini. As the sun is about to set you find yourself surrounded by an eclectic mix of strangers swaying to the tunes of a live band. Time flies, and as you lie strewn all over in bed the moon catches your attention.

Martini Tan

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