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Martini Tees

If you are a golf enthusiast and a martini lover, then this info is just for you! You can now invest in good quality Martini Tees. All of the 3-1/4 inches of tee enable you to take the course! Imagine teeing off from the top of a martini glass; you definitely know where you are headed after the game! They are tall and absolutely perfect for drivers of all categories. Now, you don't have to carry a number of tees in your pocket. You can invest in the martini tee made from a polymer resin that is a proprietary blend. This converts to savings due to durability!

The martini tee lasts a lot longer than the traditional wooden ones and in price they break the expensive-golfing barrier. The tee is being used popularly across the globe. Laboratory testing reveals that due to the shape, these tees result in drives that are farther and more accurate. You may break one of these too, but only after a few rounds of all 18 holes; unlike the wooden ones that go with practically every hole. These martini glass styled beauties are safe to use and suit all type of club shots.

They can be reused and thus also send out an environment friendly message. Rather than wasting dozens of tees on a game, consider one that reminds you of refreshment time! The shape of the martini glass has given the tee cup its prototypes. The variety of them available is at par with the variations of the cocktail! They are available at huge discounts during the festive season and with bulk orders. Shopping for them online is real fun. A number of vendors ship them to your doorstep for free! Taking the martini madness to a whole new level, the tee gives you a chance to flaunt your flair!

Martini Tees

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