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Martini Wiki

When you combine a versatile drink with a dynamic concept, you get what is known as a martini wiki! So, what brings the two together? Well, the martini, as we all know, is a classic cocktail. Its base spirits - gin and dry vermouth, enable variations to flaunt a myriad of colors, textures, flavor and taste! When you think 'martini', a special crystal stem glass, garnishes like green olive and fresh lemon peel and the bar counter automatically come to mind. Now you can capture the lore and mystique surrounding this classic drink on a martini wiki!

This special website allows martini lovers the world over to create and edit martini specific info on interlinked web pages. The use of the web browser and simple markup language is now making it possible for martini fans to interact, share and view dedicated WYSIWYG text editor generated martini info. Wikis dedicated to the cocktail are being powered by wiki software. Collaborative websites allow users to connect via community websites, intranets and management systems.

In the case of the martini wiki, the sites serve a specific purpose, to further popularize the classy drink and make more info available on variations. Acceptance of content without formatting rules makes it possible for even those with not so great writing skills to share martini related info. The simple online database invites all martini lovers to edit and create new pages, while promoting martini topic associations. This wiki is not crafted site for any casual visitors; it is developed to give martini fans a common rostrum for interaction. They are able to view and write blogs and articles collaboratively, with a strong central theme - martini! Thus when you have the next bash in your home, all you have to do is take a look at the live connection.

Martini Wiki

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